HealthCare at your FingerTips

Access medical records

Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere. Medical records will no more be scattered across dusty files of multiple hospitals. With the Zywie suite of products, you get secure access to all your medical records, reports, prescriptions, appointments in one place.

Enrich and preserve your life's medical history with Zywie.

HealthCare Simplified

Outsource your health concerns

With the Zywie App, you can connect to unlimited hospitals, search for doctors, laboratories and pharmacies nearest your home, and get the best treatment on the go. You do not have to remember to take medicines, or follow up with a doctor, Zywie will remind you.

Zywie is offering you freedom from your health concerns.

Manage your schedule better

Build relationships with your patients

You can manage your appointments and write prescriptions on the go, look up case studies from the past for similar conditions, send secure messages to your patients, create complex follow up procedures for critical conditions. If you are on vacation, you can share your patient's medical records with another doctor from your phone or tablet.

Zywie is always by your side.

Data Analytics

Connect the Dots

With the Zywie suite of products, you can now discover new connections such as the correlation between genes with the susceptibility to certain diseases, personalized treatments and preemptive healthcare with preventive treatment.

Join Zywie on the exciting journey to open new vistas in healthy living.

Creating a new HealthCare Ecosystem

At Zywie, we believe in the power of connection. We are building a healthcare ecology where every individual is connected. Where there is seamless collaboration between healthcare professionals, institutions and patients. Where there is a meaningful flow of information to enable the best decision making in real time. Where there is informed care each step of the way.

We are offering you consistent and predictable healthcare.