A coffee, a laptop and some insane ideas. That's who we are...

The Coffee Story

The Inspiration

was the use of obsolete technologies within the healthcare domain that failed to leverage the power of Information Technology

So we sat down with a Coffee

and started talking. With friends. And with doctors and healthcare professionals. And the idea dawned upon us to build an all encompassing healthcare ecology - an ecology of the kind never envisaged before.

And we brought our Laptops

and burnt the midnight oil. And toiled and slogged, and toiled and slogged, and toiled and slogged.

And hence, Zywie was born

From that day to the present, Zywie has been our baby - the fruition of our ideas, hard work, dedication, and perseverance

The Vision

We envision a healthy world; a world where every individual - ailing or healthy has complete control of her health. We are building a world where healthcare professionals always have the Power of Technology on their side. And we imagine Zywie to be at the forefront of such a world, by being the partner of choice for healthcare service providers and patients alike, by

Creating a conducive environment for our co-workers to learn, play, discover and innovate.

Being the leading source of medical advances through research and discovery.

Being the cutting-edge enabler of healthcare facilities in the world.

The Values

Ethical Leadership that works for the greater good, ensuring clarity of purpose, transparency, openness and compassion

Engaging with our clients in a way that they are our partners whose best interests will always remain our guiding principles

Teamwork with enlightened democracy where every stakeholder feels valued, informed and empowered

Nurturing Creativity - building an environment which breeds thinkers and delivers excellence for a smarter and connected world.

The Team

Shailendra Mathur

Shailendra is uptight except when he is with his pet tarantula. When he needs expert advice, he talks to himself.

Zohaib Tanwir

Zohaib can't begin his day without a coffee. Try to run away if you are stuck in a discussion with him, or he will end up convincing you why a hamburger is better than God.

Steve Khod

Steve likes to play and explore, to create spaces and allow them to flourish naturally and effortlessly. He has a pet who's his alter ego, and nothing he loves more than a good tiramisu for dessert.